Hit the busy Aussie Open Five more cases of COVID found, famous hitters hail like in prison.

Grand Slam Tennis Battle First

Grand Slam Tennis Battle First show of the year, the Australian Open 2021 and last two strikes were infected with COVID-19. After arriving in Melbourne On Tuesday, the tennis players began to outcry after dissatisfaction with this detention. UFA

The first tennis grand slam of the year, the Australian. Australia Which will start between 8 February 64, this began to be subject to more and more criticism. After adjusting the detention of the hitman and his team. 

From the original detention of 14 days in the designated hotel But can come out to practice for 5 hours a day.

But after detecting that there are people traveling with tennis players in the same flight Causing more than 70 tennis players.

In addition to the two tennis players a Victoria health official. Said another non-athlete is infect with COVID-19. After approximately 1,200 athletes, staff and staff have arrived in Australia. To participate in the tennis tournament of the Australian Open, which will begin competing from February 8.

The incident raised concern among Melbourne residents. It was one of the longest locked down cities during the Great Covid-19. Outbreak last year. That the racket duels might create a new outbreak in their town.

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