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Blade II (2002) - IMDb


Directed by Stephen Norrington in this thrilling action movie, the story of the half-human and half vampire blade. Who is immortal in the form of a vampire, but has a life expectancy in the human body. He and the evil vampires. The action movie should not be miss.

House of Flying Daggers (2004) - IMDb

House Of Flying Daggers

Action adventure movies Tell the story of the Flying Knife Bureau A group of rebels that rob the rich to bring it to the poor. With the chief buster of the city The unit ordered to leave. The master of this academy in 10 days, starring Liu Dehua starring with Takeshi Kaneshiro, along with a stunningly beautiful cue that will be remembered by many people.

Should I Watch..? 'The Transporter' - ReelRundown - Entertainment

The Transporter

Action thriller movies In other words, Jason Statham was born as a full-fledged action star. And it was said that Frank’s films with the best package delivery career. Whether things, people, or whatever. According to the employer until the latest product to be delivered has changed his career and life. Movie HD

28 Karate Kid 2010 ideas | karate kid 2010, karate kid, karate

The Karate Kid

This action-drama- crossover remake from the 1984 version tells the story of a young Dre (Jaden Smith) who must travel to China. Because of mother’s work Before meeting, acquaintance and training of Witch The kung fu style fight with Master Han, played by Jackie Chan.

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